Beacon Hill Tunnel South Portal (c.1910)

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 10:56

Beacon Hill Tunnel - South Portal (c.1910)  Thanks scottp for refreshing my memories of this tunnel. 

The stone/brick work has survived more than a century, and it is good to know they found another use for this tunnel.  Across the top of this old photo, the lettering "1906  Beacon Hill Tunnel 1910" can still be partially seen in the current photo.

My adventure one day took me about 30 feet inside, saw some railway ties stored on the ground to one side, felt the damp air, and diminishing visibility with distance.  If they had Duracell batteries in those days, us boys might have hiked through the entire tunnel.  It was not possible to see the northern end of the tunnel while standing at the southern end.  Elsewhere at this site, I recalled standing at the back of my southbound train, and watched the light at the north portal gradually fading starting from the bottom likely eclipsed by the curvature of the land.  A few seconds after total eclipse, my train exited the south portal, and this indicates the tunnel alignment is straight.  Regards,  Peter

Photo source: unknown

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