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James S. Bang B. STUART [c.1905-????]

James S. Bang B.
c.1905-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Barbara Anslow:

I had always assumed that 'Bang' was a nickname for Mr Stuart, but on looking up lists, find that 'Bang' is shown as one of his forenames!  He is James S. Bang Stuart, a Prison Officer, aged 40 in 1945.    He married fellow-internee Edith Johnson, I think at the end of internment, don't seem to have recorded it.

He is shown as an 'Officer' on the list of Prison Officers in 1940, joining the prison service on 8 March 1934.

Tony Banham notes Plumb served as a private in the Stanley Platoon.



These were my parents . I am keen to know of if anyone on the forum remembers them and possibly has photos of them. they met in camp and married in 1946 and left Hong Kong in 1953.

Bran Edgar's (a major contributor to gwulo) father baked the wedding cake. Philip Cracknell

This is interesting.Have looked through information online of writings about camp life and can't find it. where did you find this out ? I would very much like to find out more.

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Sorry my mistake it was a different Johnston - I will edit out my erroneous comment. Rgds, Philip Cracknell

She was in Block 3 Room 24 (known as European Married Quarters). This still exists. Her roomates were three ladies and two children.

Iris Audrey Prew (& son Michael)

Mabel Reiners

Louise Mary Cross (& son Victor)

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Philip Cracknell

Mike Prew, whom I believe was actually born in the camp, went on to achieve quite senior rank in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force.

Hello - Thanks for that information. Michael George Frith Prew was born 28th October 1939.