Better Ole, Fanling [????- ]

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Current condition

Poistion is approximate.

There's one of their business-cards from the 1960s on Facebook, and more memories of the place on this thread.

Photos that show this Place


China Mail 15 March 1927

The original Better 'Ole was operated by the Naval and  Military YMCA in Peking Road, Kowloon (formerly a godown) for servicemen returning from camp at Fanling. It did not last long and closed down in October 1927.

I remember when I was stationed in Fan Ling in 1951just prior to being sent off to Korea..I am sure there was a soldier who took his discharge from one of the Regiments serving there at the time, who actually opened up a fish and chip shop catering especially for the troops there..and I am certain I  remember this being called

'The hole in the wall'  or it could have been 'the better ole'...

Of course I have nothing only my memory to support this..and not sure how to follow  this...The regiments there at the time were The Middlesex Regiment'..The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders'..The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry'...There must be someone else who remembers this.....

Bill Griffiths

Hello I wrote some time ago to say that I remember the Better Ole as a fish and chip shop owned and run by an ex British Soldier....

Just today...1st November I was in Town..hereford UK and met an ex soldier pal of mine who also remembers the Better Ole....and it being used by all the British soldiers stationed up in the New Territories....

So pleased to know that my memory was not playing tricks on wishes

Bill Griffiths

PS...will be in Hong Kong from 1st till 15th December for a vacation....look forward to meeting up with any other GWULOS

There's a recent article in Zolima which puts the opening date of the orginal location as 1947, with the current location dating to the early '80s. The original owner was a British serviceman named Pop Watson; the current owner is the 3rd generation of the family that bought the business from him when he retired in 1962.…