Elizabeth Evelyn ELLISON / WILLIAMS (née FITZGERALD / SOO, aka Betty / Chin Yu) [1921-c.2011] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Elizabeth Evelyn ELLISON / WILLIAMS (née FITZGERALD / SOO, aka Betty / Chin Yu) [1921-c.2011]

Elizabeth Evelyn
Ellison / Williams
FitzGerald / Soo
Alias / nickname: 
Betty / Chin Yu
c.1921-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
West ham, Essex
Birthplace (country): 
c.2011-01-01 (Year is approximate)

Barbara Anslow:

Betty became an actress and appeared on the London stage under the name CHIN YU; married her leading man, then had twins - a boy and a girl.  In 2000 the twins died within 6 months of each other.  Betty passed away a year or so ago.


Siblings of Elizabeth Evelyn ELLISON / WILLIAMS (née FITZGERALD / SOO, aka Betty / Chin Yu) [1921-c.2011]


Does anybody know what happened to Megans twin ? 

Birth  Betty E F Soo registered Quarter 1 1924 West Ham Essex. Mother's maiden name Fitzgerald

London-born actress Chin-Yu (Betty Evelyn Fitzgerald Soo, 1924-2011) holds up her long tresses, which once reached her waist, after having a haircut for her role in 'Teahouse Of The August Moon': https://www.pinterest.com/pin/144255994298330368/

David Williams actor [1924 - 1984]  and Chin Yu were married for thirty years before David Williams died, leaving behind his partner and twin children.

David L G Williams 24 June 1922 London - 29 June 1984 Hobart Australia

Megan M U Williams & Ross F Williams Birth Index  Quarter 3 1956 mother's maiden name Fitzgerald . Reference for both Kensington 5c 1442. They attended school in Queensland between 1965 and 1978

Megan Williams actress 11 September 1956 London -17 April 2000 Australia

Ross Fitzgerald Williams 11 September 1956 London - 2000 aka  David Ross Fitzgerald Williams

Ross Fitzgerald Williams occupation musician and Megan Mingyu Williams occupation actress and David Laurie Williams ocupation actor and Chin Yu Williams occupation actress living at 26 Pindari Avenue Warringah NSW Australia in 1977

Marriage Quarter 3 1954 Westminster London David L G Williams to Yu Chin Yu or Soo or Elllison

Megan died of breast cancer on 17th April 2000.

Ross died on 18th October 2000. The death certificate said Heart failure. Ross was married to Neva Ierace. They had two children, Rebecca Jade and James. 

Ross played guitar and worked for his parents in their muscials as well as in manageing the Australian Entertainment directory that David and Chin founded. After David died in 1984, Ross and Chin managed it until 1987 when they sold it. It is still going strong although now on line. Ross then went into partnership with Neva and another couple running ferries on Sydney Harbour. (The Proclaim and the 3 Rosman ferries) They sold their share to buy and run a number of bicycle shops "Cranks". Neva became a master with Sydney Harbour Ferries first with the cats that went up the Parramatta RIver and then up until now driving the Manly Ferry. Ross was studying for his engineering ticket to join her on the ferries and had just passed all the necessary tests when he died.