Andrew Robert KINROSS [????-1953]

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Andrew Robert
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I was delighted to find "Gwulo: Old Hong Kong" on the internet as myfather's family were in Kowloon and I am trying to get info on about it.

My grandfather (Andrew Robert Kinross)was a welder in a shipyard in the tyneside area (UK) and as I understand it all the employees with their families were shipped out to build Kowloon Docks? I was going to pay a visit to see  what they built, but was told it is now beneath the new airport ?????

Grandpa died in 1953, and I was in my early teens then, so this may be a bit muddled, as I can't find any reference to anything like that on the internet.....

Anyway, my father and his siblings were born and brought up in Kowloon. My father joined the Royal Indian Navy in World War II, while my mother and I were shipped off to Australia as "Bloody Reffos"

My Father's elder sister was Doreen Handyside who became headmistress of a school in Hong Kong : she died recently after retirement to England. Their brother-in-law was Tom Arendale Martin, also I believe in Hong Kong as his sister (aunt Mil) and children also came to Australia. According to my mother he was a millionnaire, so there MAY be something somewhere about him, though I can't find it.... can you help, please?

regards, Ann Kinross

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Ann has sent several photos from the family album. She's interested in any dates, people or places we can identify in the photos.

Regards, David

PS Ann,I guess that your grandfather came out to work in the Hung Hom Dockyards. Click here to see where it used to be, and to see some old photos of the dockyards.

Next, take a look at the resources listed here, for help in finding out more about the people you listed above. Please let us know what you discover, and feel free to ask more questions.

Hi Ann,

Were any of your grandfather's sons also called Andrew? There's a mention in Betty Steele's diary that:

About this time Audrey and I began to go to tea dances in the Hong Kong Hotel Roof Garden. Our partners were Andrew Kinross, Frank Angus and Maurice Weill. 

I wondered if the Andrew Kinross mentioned here was your grandfather or one of his sons?

Regards, David

He first appears in the Jurors list for 1902:

c Kinross Andrew Robert Foreman Plater HK & Whampoa Dock Co., Ltd.         Kowloon Dock

The same entry appears in the lists for 1903 & 4.

In the lists for 1905 & 6, his title changes to "Foreman Iron Shipwright".

He isn't shown in the next years' lists, so was he away from Hong Kong for a time?

He next appears in the 1913 list, now shown as a Shipbuilder. The same entry is shown in the lists from 1914 to 1922 inclusive (that's as far as we've got, we're currently transcribing the 1923 list.)

Mary Ann MacFarlane married Andrew  Robert Kinross 22 May 1893 Durham

1911 Census Liburnum Villla Monkton Jarrow on Tyne

Andrew Robert Kinross 41 ship's plater born Hebburn (5 June 1869 Hebburn - 18 August 1955 Guernsey)

Mary Ann Kinross 41 born Jarrow married 17 years 5 children born 4 surviving

Alexander Kinross (1894 - 1894)

Alexander Kinross 14 born Heburn (1897 - 1930)

Beatrice Kinross 12 born Hebburn  (1899  -1991)

Mary Foggin Kinross born Hepburn (1902 - ) Married Thomas Corrigan 1937

Andrew Robert Kinross 5 born Hong Kong 1905 died  Malvern Victoria Australia 1973

Married Dorothy Helena Carey