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Kowloon British School [1902- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 

1894 - British Kowloon College (destroyed 1896)

  new building built

1902 - various names

 Kowloon College at the opening

 Kowloon British School

 Central British School

moved out 1936



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The Antiquities and Monuments Office website says it is a 'declared monument', and gives this description:

This is the oldest surviving school building constructed for foreign residents living in Hong Kong. In 1900, Mr. Ho Tung (later Sir Robert) donated $15,000 to the Government to erect a school in Kowloon. The building was officially opened on 19 April 1902. It is a typical Victorian structure, but was modified to adapt to local climatic conditions by adding wide verandas, high ceilings and pitched roofs. After proper restoration, it houses the Antiquities and Monuments Office.