Trevor Victor Norman FORTESCUE (aka Tim) [1916-2008] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Trevor Victor Norman FORTESCUE (aka Tim) [1916-2008]

Trevor Victor Norman
Alias / nickname: 
c.1916-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)


Can anyone help me solve the following 2 pieces of my jigsaw about my parents', Tim and Margery Fortescue's war-time exeriences in Hong Kong:

i) My father, Tim Fortescue, arrived in Hong Kong to take up his duties as a Hong Kong cadet, during the first week in September 1939 on a (probably French) boat from Marseilles. Is there anywhere in Hong kong which holds passengers lists for non UK/US ships during this period

ii) I am trying to discover when my parents went into Stanley. I know they arrived later than the bulk of the internees as my mother, Margery Fortescue, continued working as a nurse (ANS) in the War Memorial Hospital where my father was with her until they were interned

Any information would be most welcome!

I can't help with an exact date, but I notice the earliest mention we have of him is from Barbara's diary for 28 Jun 1942, so we know he must have arrived before then.

Regards, David

Diana Fortescue writes:

I am very grateful to you for sending the reference to my father performing in Robert Morley's 'Goodness how Sad' on 19 August 1943. He had been a great mover and shaker in the Cambridge Footlights as an undergraduate and I have a few references to is participation in entertainments in Stanley but not nearly as many as I would have expected given what a welcome distraction such activities must have been. How amazing that they had a copy of the play in Stanley!

My father was one of the Governor's staff during the fighting and was therefore a civilian internee. I would love to know whether anyone with a full list of the Stanley internees can identify who else had been working as part of the Governor's entourage during the fighting.