Grand Opening of a Cantonese BBQ company, Reclamation Street

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 18:03

Grand Opening of a Cantonese BBQ company, 201 Reclamation Street, approx March 1959

Date picture taken


Hi There,

This is another Grand Opening decoration occupying a street corner and almost all of the floors of the store front. I spotted two Fire Cracker hanging points (the octagonal strings of shapes, with the company name on them).

This time it is the Grand Opening of a Cantonese BBQ company 鴻發燒 臘肉食公司.  Likely on Kowloon side.


hi ymsitt, do you know which corner of the junction we are looking at (NW or SE)?

Edit: OH,I just checked and it looks like it's NW because the same building is still there. Nice find!

This location, 201 Reclamation Street, has an occupational permit issue date of February 1959, so I think it's safe to say that Mr Davis took this after Feb 1959.