Buddhist Vegeratian Restaurant's Grand Opening decoration, Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Dei

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 02:42

Buddhist Vegeratian Restaurant Grand Opening decoration, Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Dei

Taken 1959

Date picture taken


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Based on the bits of info. as shown in the photo, the decoration is for a Buddhist Vegeratian Restaurant's Grand Opening, which likely was the shop behind.  Seems the shop neglected to remove the decoration, or had intentionally left an opening for the tenants upstairs to dry their clothings.

At the bottom of the decoration, it showed the contractor was in Yaumati.  No idea where was the restaurant at the moment.  If the photo is of a series in the same area, the ones before and after may help identifying the location.


ps.  There is a string of octogonal shapes hanging on the scaffoldings.  Back in those days before Fire Craclers are banned, they are lit during the Grand Opening ceremonies, usually with Lion Dance performances.  The containers are octoganal in shape.

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If we zoom in, there is a Neon Sign on the left hand side, with the name of the maker and the phone number 69812.  Five digit phone numbers are likely before t960's (which are mostly six digits).  Seems to have confirm the time period.


I cant see any related photos. The previous ones have been loaded to Gwulo, the next one from this roll isnt very clear but just loaded to Gwulo, "Waterfront building"

At the right top corner, there is the name of association "港九洋酒伙食商會職工會" The Hong Kong & Kowloon Provisions, Wine & Spirit Dealers’ Association ... but no idea about it :-)

Back to the 佛園素食專家, so called "Buddhist Vegeratian Restaurant", as read from news, it was located at no 167 of Shanghai Street Yau Ma Dei, opened at 1959-4-12. Owner Miss Lok Yuk Ping