anders olsons inscription

Mon, 04/22/2024 - 20:26

This is the gravestone of Anders Olson, youngest brother of the Swede John Olson, who in 1872 was proprietor of the National Hotel and Tavern in Queen's Road. No record has been found of the date of Anders's arrival in Hong Kong, but he is not thought to have been in the colony for very long before his death from smallpox in the Seamen's Hospital.

Anders's gravestone, although not in the same section, is not far from that of his elder brother, Olof, who arrived a few years later. A pathway separates the two gravestones. The gravestones of John Olson, his wife Ellen and his daughter, Elizabeth Warnes are together in a much higher section of the cemetery.

The inscription below is recorded on the website of Patricia Lim.

42---/01/03- Sacred to the memory / of / Anders Olson / a native of Carlshamn, Sweden / born in 1842 / and died at Hong Kong on / 21 March 1872 / aged 30 years / Rest in peace / This stone is erected by his / affectionate brother / John OlsonAO # 3915
Date picture taken
23 Oct 2016