Peak Tramway 1889

Thu, 11/30/2023 - 12:03

This photo of the Peak Tramway was taken in 1889 by Claude William Kinder C.M.G. (1852-1936) only one year after the tramway had first opened. The camera location is believed to be overlooking the track from the bridge across May Road* [see note below]. In the distance above the closer tramcar, it is possible to see the half-way passing loop for the other tramcar (also just visible). The photo can be dated positively to between March and  September in 1889 when Kinder, then serving as the Chief Engineer of Imperial Railways of North China, was taking his first period of home leave to England having served at the railway’s engineering works and also the Kaiping coal mines in Tangshan in N.E. China since 1878. ( Photo from the P. A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection courtesy of the Kinder family)  [Note: the camera location was in fact the Bowen Rd. bridge .Thanks to marlowe for clarifying this ]

Date picture taken
1 Mar 1889 (month is approximate)
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May Road wasn't built until 1907, so it can't have been taken from the bridge over May Road,
I believe that is taken from the Bridge at Bowen Road,
at the bottom of the picture is the Nullah that crosses under the tram line, at Bowen Road.