2023 Lei Yue Mun Navigational Light and Oyster Shell Beach

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 21:25

Picture taken at 6 p.m. The beach and adjacent coastal area are favorite places for many HK residents to watch the sunset. The strange structure on the beach, recently built by the government, is open to the public and their pets.

According to the local villagers, storm surges during typhoons may push tons of material from the seabed to the shore. After the flood water recede, local footpaths may be covered with several feet of mud and debris, which the villagers simply dump back into the sea  during cleanup.

The storm surges probably give rise to the endless supply of oyster shells and sea glasses on the beach, which volunteers (e.g. from The Christian Family Service Centre Lei Yue Mun Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project)  try to collect from time to time.

Date picture taken
3 Sep 2023