Where is this picturesque scene?

Sat, 09/02/2023 - 08:41

Here is another photo from my mother's album showing this lovely scene.  It looks like it was taken from the deck of a house.  There was nothing written at the back of this photo to indicate its location or the date it was taken.

Date picture taken


I came across a 1965 photo of Shatin Heights on this website that showed a similar pastoral scene as the above photo in my mother's album.  It also showed a house across the field on the right, although the hills look different.  I am wondering if this photo was taken at the same location.  The photo above appears to have been taken from a terrace or rooftop dining area.  I do recall a friend of my mother's driving her to this hotel and sometimes to the Carlton Hotel for lunch or afternoon tea, possibly around the early 1960's.  The Carlton Hotel did have a terrace for dining but I don't think it had the same view.



Looks like the view looking over the golf course in Fanling - possibly from Beas River area. The hill on the left is Kai Kung Leng seen from the ENE.

I think Phil is right and one is looking over the golf course. At the Shatin Heights Hotel the scene would be more farmland and plus the terrace railing is not the same.  

Thanks for your feedback, Phil.  In zooming in on the photo, it does appear to show two people standing on a golf course, since you pointed that out.  I am curious as to whether the photo was taken from one of the golf clubs in the area with a terrace.

Hi Angie - given the angle of the view I am more inclined to think this was taken from a building at the Beas River Country Club/riding centre, however, I'm not familiar with how old it is or  what buildings were there at the time.

What year was this photo taken? There are some online aerial images from the 1950s/60s/70s that might help pinpoint a building.

Edit: apologies,just read that you don't know the date. I'll have a dig and see what I can find

Thanks, Moddsey, for your comments, and for confirming the view was not from Shatin Heights Hotel.

Phil, I was guessing the photo was taken in the 1960's in relation to Shatin Heights.  I'm not familiar with the Beas River Country Club/riding center area.  Would that be near the Fanling Jockey Club? I appreciate your and Moddsey's input and at least know that the photo was taken somewhere in Fanling. Thanks, Angela

A friend emailed me to say he thought the photo was taken from the Fanling Royal Golf Club.  He also mentioned that it was alongside the Jockey Club.  Is he possibly referring to the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling?  Any thoughts about this?