The Race Course

Wed, 08/09/2023 - 05:30
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I can't read every word of the Spanish text but Esteban is travelling with his grandmother and the gist is as follows:

"Hong Kong 20 June 1905. Arrival a novelty, detestable voyage, impossible sea, perhaps we'll get away today. Grandmother al ?peloy? I'm the same as Grandmother. Grandmother got her own back on the Sea of China by working the Chinese fellows who were carrying her in a chair almost to death, but we pay well which is what they want. From your good friend Ch. Esteban"

Hong Kong 20 junio 1905 llegada un novedad viage detestable mar imposible salida quiza hoy. Abuela al pelay? yo como la abuela. La Abuela se ha quitado de la mar de China reventando a los chinos que la han llevado en silla de manos, pero pagamos bien lo que quieran de su buen amigo Ch. Esteban