1880s Praya at Pedder's Wharf

Mon, 05/29/2023 - 17:14

See the original photo on Flickr.

Praya with second generation Pedder's Wharf. Many people on the praya, possibly Chinese New Year (see the dragon). 

On Flickr attributed to the 1880s, should be before 1886. A better date estimation could be made from the buildings in the background - there is one with scaffolds. 

Update (see comment below): The building should be HSBC Headquarters Building (2nd generation) [1886-1933], almost finished. The date of the photo was estimated to 1885, a year before opening.

Date picture taken
1885 (year is approximate)


Yes, the building looks like the HSBC 2nd gen HQ, but still without the small dome above the entrance. Possibly 1885.