broadwood road 1970

Thu, 05/04/2023 - 19:52

My title was actually "Broadwood Road 1970?" but the question mark has vanished. The outlines of the two buildings, numbered 20, 20A, 20B, and 20C roughly where The Towers (home of the Warren family) once stood are the same as in the 1970 map that I posted previously, but I can't be sure of the date, nor the I.L. number. No. 19 seems to be a larger building with bits added on than the previous bungalow occupied by the younger Warrens. I only have an image of this map section and not the paper copy of the whole map. The designation C-214 NW is the same as the other one. Another puzzle is that I can't find no. 13 Broadwood Road on this map (home of the Olson family). If not knocked down, perhaps it was renumbered 12A.

This map shows a good diagram of the So Kon Po Resettlement Area. Perhaps some of the other buildings on the map will give an idea of the date.

Date picture taken


Hi Jill

I looked carefully at the map you posted but I'm afraid I couldn't work out if it showed what was there when I lived at #22 or if it was different.

Apologies for not being any help :(



Thanks for scrutinizing my map, Nona. It looks as if the access road to 20 and 20A, B and C from Broadwood Road was probably private. When I visited Hong Kong in 2004 no. 20 was a block of flats immediately on Broadwood Road and further down.