Fu Kong Shan, Mui Wo around 1960

Sat, 03/18/2023 - 21:18

A couple of points - the reason the Mui Wo Police Station is at the top of the hill is that it was built when Lantau was under Marine Police, and they were mostly interested in looking out for pirates, smugglers, II's etc. Islands as I am sure you know, come under Marine, and it was only when the Tsing Ma bridge was opened that Lantau was deemed to be no longer an island, and was taken over by the land police.

The other buildings on Fu Kong Shan hill (including where our house now stands) are no longer there (appears to have been a farmstead there amongst other things) - interestingly though, the plots they were on do not as far as I can tell correspond to the present houses on the hill.

The area where the ferry pier and the new town now stand had just been reclaimed, and the Mui Wo river was still mainly a lagoon full of people living on junks and sampans - it was only canalised and reclaimed in the early 80's.

In the distance above, you can see the old watchtower in Luk Tei Tong (still standing), plus the block of flats at the top of the picture for the workers at the waterworks (just being built top left). Luk Tei Tong's fung shui woods are very visible, but note how barren the hillsides are - now totally wooded. 

Date picture taken
1960 (year is approximate)


Hi there,

I guess there is a Vehicular Ferry Pier right next to the old HYF ferry pier in this photo.  Maybe this is the pre-decessor of the existing one which is still there but no longer in use.