1965 Gloucester Road

Mon, 02/06/2023 - 01:09

See the original photo on Flickr.

Wanchai reclamation in progress, see all the trucks. 

On the extreme left, the street should be Fleming Road. In front (with a lot of imagination), it looks as if the Sanitary Dump Pier is still there, but being useless as the access to the water is lost.

In the centre buildings, a bar is still there. It looks different the the 1963 photo of  the Carrie Bar, so I don't know if it's still the same. The same is for King Star Restaurant.

1963 Gloucester Road, Wanchai Waterfront
1963 Gloucester Road, Wanchai Waterfront, by moddsey


Date picture taken
1 May 1965 (day is approximate)


A quick run through the excellent collection of  m20wc51 reveals the King Star Restaurant & Bar would have continued on till the 1980s. So it should be in the same location.

For the Carrie Bar & Restaurant, the main photo from 1965 may read the "Golden Lion Night Club & Bar". A matchbook of the latter establishment at the same address can be seen here I have combined both places to the same location.

Fleming road is east of the bulova neon sign. The building on the left edge of photo was replaced by the Harbour hotel in 1965.


There is a gap between bulova building and 味の素 building as part of the old building had been demolished.

Before demolition in 1963


After demolition in 1971