Aberdeen ?

Sat, 09/24/2022 - 17:12

Could that be Aberdeen ?

Date picture taken


If the location is Aberdeen, the photo should have been taken from a location in Ap Lei Chau (鴨脷洲). Near the centre of photo and halfway between the road line and shore line, there is a structure similar to a pillbox. It may be the Pillbox 008 at Aberdeen Praya during the WWII period (https://gwulo.com/node/1885#17~22.24869~114.14331~Map_by_GovHK-Markers~…). Right end of the road lead to Tin Wan (田灣) and behind the left end of the photo may be the Kellett Bay (奇力灣, also known as 鷄籠環 ).


Hi There,

I have here a photo taken earlier today.  It would be very difficult to compare as there are buildings along the coast, as well as slopes much overgrown.

The lens I was using is equivalent to around 20mm focal length on a full frame (35mm) camera.  The remains of the Lyon light is at the opposite side of the road at the very end of the breakwater, close to the gas works.  The pillbox was much closer towards the fishery wholesale market, according to previous mentions.

Tin Wan is at the back on the highrise block in the middle.


Aberdeen shelter close to Tin Wan
Aberdeen shelter close to Tin Wan, by tngan

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Another photo taken a bit west of the breakwater back in June 2022.  Same camera but with a lens equivalent to around 40.5 mm focal lengh to full frame (35mm).


Towards the breakwater
Towards the breakwater, by tngan