Seven Terraces of Sai Wan

Wed, 09/07/2022 - 16:13
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General view of the seven terraces, from front to back, they are Tai Pak Terrace, Hee Wong Terrace, Ching Lin Terrace, To Li Terrace and Hok Sz Terrace 1974.

Ching Lin Terrace
Ching Lin Terrace, by Paulo

Hi There,

That is the problem of using romanized characters.  If the places were written out in Chinese Characters ther would not be any confusion.  Paulo was talking about 西環 while you were talking about 西灣, which are two very different places.   The issue is that the Romanization could not reproduce the actual tone of how we pronounce them.  This is especially problematic if one does not read Cantonese\Chinese characters.

Hope this helps clarifying the situation.


I lived in To Li Garden and then in Academic Terrace, so it is great to see how this area used to look. Thank you for posting them.

Please do you know the source for these?