c.1930 Junks off Kowloon City Pier

Wed, 08/31/2022 - 15:36

For the story behind this photo, see: https://gwulo.com/node/58813

Date picture taken
1930 (year is approximate)


A very interesting photograph and analysis, David.  There appears to be a a great deal of canvas/netting on most of the junks, especially those furthest from the pier.  While fishing nets were still made of various natural fibres in those days - which had to be hung up from the masts to dry out right up to the 1950s when man made fibres began to take over, I nevertheless suspect that they are fishing nets.  The rod that is attracting the attention not only of the guy in white but also two other people has a dark object at the nearest, blunt end.  That reminds me of the very simple reels that were commonly used even into the 1950s.  Good to see you back in action!  Andrew

David, I’m sure I have seen this concrete walkway structure. When Kai Tak was being expanded and the new runway built (towards Lyemun) in the late 1950s, the construction people who had been digging away unearthed a cement walkway structure exactly the same as in your photo. Others may wish to comment further.

re: c1930s junks off Kowloon City pier

Thanks Andrew!

Looking at the original photo, the material on the boats just looks to be the lowered sails.

I also thought that dark mark at the near end of the cane might have been a reel, but looking more closely I think it is just the shadow of the cane on the uneven granite surface.


re: Above photo

That's good to hear we have someone with first-hand experience of seeing the pier. The recent excavations found several modern concrete foundations built over sections of the old pier, so it must have been uncovered several times after its initial burial.