Wyndham Street Sedan Chair Stand [1863-????]

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This stand appears on the first list of chair stands, published in the Hongkong Government Gazette 26th September 1863. (See also Regulations of Public Vehicles and Chairs in Hong Kong 1863-1941).

It was located on the east side of Wyndham Street between Queen's Road Central and On Lan Street.

First photo is from the 1890s

Wyndham Street
Wyndham Street, by Admin

The stand existed still in the mid-1950s.

Photos that show this Place


Noted in Travel Magazine, Incorporated, 1961, Volumes 115-116 (through Google Books snippet view): 

”Recent survey by the government of Hong Kong disclosed that only four sedan chairs remain in the Colony . Once the only means of transportation up the steep ladder streets , they now can be hired only at the foot of Wyndham Street off ...” 

Mention is made of Wyndham Street in the following on https://industrialhistoryhk.org/glimpses-old-hong-kong-sedan-chairs/ :

“After the war, sedan chairs were increasingly squeezed off the roads. No sedan chair was re-licensed since the early 1960s. In February 1971, Jill Doggett of South China Morning Post wrote a story of two sedan chair carriers, aged 71 and 74, who still plodded their way in Wyndham Street. Soon afterwards, the last public sedan chair went out of use, thus marking the end of an era in Hong Kong’s transport history.”