Thu, 03/17/2022 - 08:53

1969 chatham road near the bulkeley street junction (should be on the right hand side at the traffic light)

One can see the valley hill with a lot of advertisements on the hillside. One just above the bus roof and left of its tail says "hunghom primary school" which was located nearby at the Kun Yam street-Wuhu street junction. On top of the hill was block 15 of the valley road estate as shown in the following map.


1967_chatham_bulkeley_map.jpg, by simtang


Date picture taken


Ford Capri? I think you're right. So perhaps the image was from 1969 or early 70s.

It is indeed a photo from a book called

Life in Hong Kong in 1969  by Redge Solley

Another photo of the place:


1969_chatham_road.jpeg, by simtang


As Yan Fung Road branches off Chatham Road at the (now non-existant) junction with Bulkeley Street & in both pictures Yan Fung Road is at a higher elevation than Chatham Road in the foreground, I'm tempted to suggest both were taken at the junction of Chatham Road & Wuhu Street.

Having once worked at a location a short distance from the top of Wuhu Street - albeit 50-odd years later, not to mention on night shift - it all looks rather different.

The Ford Crapi (everyone I know who owned one called 'em that - for good reason) looks rather short in the tooth compared to all the other motors in the shot, so am pleased I at least got that right.