Connaught Road Central buildings 2014

Fri, 02/04/2022 - 21:26

It is a panorama from 2 photos I took from the Four Seasons Hotel. It ends unfortunately at Wing Wo Street. It is more a photo of the skyline and not of the buildings on Connaught Road, but it is difficult to find any photos of this area. The following buildings are on this photo:

A    (Hang Seng Bank Headquarters Building, former Central Fire Station)

B    Southland Building 2nd gen. [2014- ]

C    Agricultural Bank of China Building, 50 Connaught Road [2011- ]

D    New York House [1980- ]

E    Fortune House [1976- ]

F     Chung Hing Commercial Building [1983- ]

G    CMA Building [1983- ]

H    Two Chinachem Plaza [1991- ]

I     China Insurance Group Building [1967- ]

J     Beautiful Group Tower [1972- ]

K    CTS House [c.1982- ]

L     Nan Fung Tower [1973-]

Date picture taken
6 Dec 2014