Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf (second generation) after 1906 typhoon

Tue, 01/04/2022 - 21:29

Obviously after a typhoon, but unfortunately neither date nor location given (also not on MMIS).

Possibly also 1906. 

Update: location and time confirmed (see comments below).


Source: This image came from Flickr, see https://flickr.com/photo.gne?id=964517738

Date picture taken
18 Sep 1906
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The year should be correct. I think the photo shows the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf as viewed here Not sure, may be related to the aftermath of the S. S. Hankow fire. 

Agree with Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf, the shape of the window fits. Possibly not after the fire as there are not ships visible at all.