The Prince of Wales having tea at the Polo Ground, Causeway Bay

Sun, 11/14/2021 - 01:41

University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: RD-s037.

‘he’ = Prince of Wales, wearing a wide cap in this photograph. Later he became King Edward VIII. This photograph was also reproduced on a post card with the caption: "10 / H.R.H. The Prince of Wales having Tea at the Pavilion, Hongkong". 


H.K. April, 1922. / At the Polo Ground, Happy Valley, where he played in a match.


This is somewhat confusing: Cricket Club or Polo Ground?

Update 2022-01-25: Confusion ends, it's the Polo Ground (or to be more precise: Queen's Recreation Ground at Causeway Bay (see comment below). 

Date picture taken
7 Apr 1922


The Polo Ground was at Causeway Bay. After conclusion of the polo match, the Prince of Wales had afternoon tea with H. E. Major-General Sir John Fowler and left the ground shortly after 6 p.m.. The Hong Kong Daily Press dated 7 April 1922 covers the polo event in detail. The China Mail dated 15 April 1922 has a similar photo of the Prince at the Polo Ground.

This location seems to be more reasonable, then there is an incorrect headline on the website of the University of Bristol (and the caption is correct).

I've corrected the location. 

The Polo Ground was at Causeway Bay. The Prince also attended the special race meeting at the Happy Valley Racecourse. There may lie the confusion in reporting of the events and matching them with photos taken during his busy schedule.