Home With Labels (1947 Aerial)

Thu, 11/04/2021 - 02:07

Sham Shui Po 1947 aerial photo:

Home at 111 Ki Lung Street (1949-1964).  The wooden shops on Maple Street Playground moved out in about 1952, some of them later turned up on Yu Chau Street centre line.

Lung Hing Tong  -  see photo  https://gwulo.com/atom/41119 -  was on third/top level (2nd floor) occupying three left adjoining units and roof top.  It was operated by a family with the parents living in USA and they placed their young son "Ah Mun" under the care of an old woman "三婆" (1950s).  Incense burning during special occasions took place on the triangular island across the street.  After this shophouse block was demolished, Lung Hing Tong resumed operation starting from street level but shifted slighty its footprint.


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