2021 Concrete Slab showing the War Department's Broad Arrow

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 12:33

Noticed a concrete slab lying on the pavement near the eastern entrance to Wan Chai Park on Queen's Road East. On it one can see the War Department's broad arrow. The area used to be site of the former Royal Naval Hospital. Not able to ascertain from where the slab came from. However, I am sure very shortly the slab will be retrieved.


Date picture taken
20 Oct 2021


It looks like a covering of the kind used for putting over telephone and similar communications lines in trenches. I think quite a lot of the defence communications systems installed pre-WW2 sport similar slabs, which can be seen here and there in the boondocks where the coms lines ran.

At this very moment a new coms cable is being laid up Lamma Island's 'cable road', that runs up from Boulder Point (Pak Kok) to Tai Peng, and exactly the same slabs are being used - though without the WD logo, natch.