No. 120 Wellington Street

Mon, 10/18/2021 - 21:17

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Left photo – the then Wing Woo provisions store once at 120 Wellington Street, business continues despite the building was already in a derelict condition even before the millennium, with structural defects at the first-floor balcony that required timber support. Once there was a cast iron street name plate on the shop front with alphabets on porcelain tiles inserted, it was said to be taken away by government officials saving it from fall and hence breakage

Middle left – with the URA intervention, the adjoining building blocks were pulled down for redevelopment of this plot. House at # 120 Wellington Street, estimated to be built between 1880 - 1894, was however listed as grade 1 heritage building and saved from demolition. URA had decided to raise the shop rent to market rate yet the old man who run the provision store can no longer afford to pay, the shop was finally closed down after almost a Century of business

Middle right – due to the deteriorating balcony structure which may suddenly fall apart, endangering passers-by causing public safety concern, the balcony together with its beautifully made iron grille were removed and those supporting timber posts cleared. The entire building was sealed up pending for developer’s revitalization project

Right photo - as the old building was founded on shallow foundations and the integrity of its concrete superstructure is at risk, temporary steel strutting was erected to protect the building from movement and tilting which can cause by nearby foundations piling work

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