Kowloon Glenealy Avenue Street 1960.jpg

Mon, 08/23/2021 - 08:32

I found this unique photo. Kowloon Glenealy Avenue Street. Was there, or still exist, a Glenealy Street in Kowloon ?

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Date picture taken


Yes, Hong Kong Island. Looks like the junction of Caine Road and Glenealy on the ascent to the Roman Catholic Cathedral and the former Caritas House on the right,

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Is there any clues of the approximate date of the photo?  Glenealy is among the few streets without suffix in town.  I guess it may not have two of the same name.  Old Kowloon (south of Boundary Street) didn't seem to have a lot of streets of such gradient in any case.



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The fence behand the ladies looks like barbwire.   The stone work of the building are similar to some government\military buildings.  I am wondering if the location was within some government\military sites.


I think Moddsey is correct about it being the older Caritas House at the back. You can compare the window style above with the images here: https://gwulo.com/atom/29867 (i.e. vertical window bars, wooden louvered slats and the small ledge at the bottom).

So this was most likely taken just up from the junction with Caine Road.

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That was my first impression of the photo.  The gradient fits that location too.  I have never seen the older Caritas House thus unable to compare.  The local Caritas was escablished in 1953 thus the time frame appeared to fit what the ladies were wearing.  The Foundation Stone (from Google Street View) looked to have a date of 19th March 1964.