1899-08-02_Meeting_at_Tai_Po_Market (2)

Thu, 08/12/2021 - 22:26

Quite sure this also shows:

Meeting at Tai Po Market between Sir Henry Blake and the gentry and elders of the New Territories communities at which the Governor explained the principles upon which the leased territories would be governed. Gentry and elders assembled to greet the governor and his party, 2 August, 1899.

Date picture taken
2 Aug 1899


Taipohu (Tai Po Hui) was reached at 11.30 a.m.. On the summit of Flagstaff Hill is now in course of erection the official quarters.....

A guard of honour consisting of men of the Hong Kong Regiment being drawn up in front of a pavilion below the official quarters, where the (village) elders were also assembled. China Mail 3 August 1899 refers

The 'official quarters' mentioned - is this the Old Tai Po Police Station or the residence of the district officer?

Interesting to note that 2 August (6th Moon, 26th Day) was also the birthday of the Emperor of China.

This is more likely to be the Tai Po Police Station, which according to the AMO was built in 1899 (see https://www.amo.gov.hk/en/monuments_128.php), rather than the Old District Office North (Tai Po), which was not built until 1907 (see https://www.amo.gov.hk/en/monuments_12.php).

The construction looks a bit precarious, but maybe it's just the angle at which it was taken!

The temporary police station at Tai Po is referred to on p.88 of Cheng Po-Hung's book, "A Century of New Territories Roads and Streets", which notes that it was rebuilt in 1900.

On p61 of the same book there is also a photo from 1930 showing the (permanent) Tai Po District Office and Police Station (located close together on the same hill) and the Police Inspector's Quarter on a nearby small hill.