Kai_Tak_Airport_Hotel_Footbridge - birth_&_death

Mon, 05/24/2021 - 23:44

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Top left photo - c 1981, the footbridge linking Kai Tak Airport and the newly built hotel was under construction, it was designed with a central support column built on the traffic verge of Prince Edward Road East

Top right photo - the newly completed bridge was in the form of a balanced suspended structure with 2 cable stays at each side of the central support column. It was one of a kind built by private sector in the early 80s

Lower right photo - taken a few years after the millennium, when the former Kai Tak airport car park building was about to be demolished. The bridge then no longer serve its original function and had to be removed soon

Lower left photo - the last moments before the bridge sections were demolished. Since the traffic below had to be maintained completely undisturbed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the knocking down work was carried out carefully with debris containment trays installed at the bottom of the bridge segments

This foot bridge had served the community for almost a quarter of a Century. Intended to enable hotel customers to shuttle freely between the airport and the hotel on their own feet, it also created much convenience to airport staff who has chosen to have lunch in the hotel. With a nice and cosy lounge as part of the hotel facilities, it was a popular place to gather for a pint of beer in the evenings. A stainless steel framed conveyor belt was available along the entire length of the footbridge, saving travelers' effort in carrying around their baggage. The footbridge was also air conditioned.

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