Regal Airport Hotel [1982- ]

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Address: 30 - 38 Sa Po Road, Kowloon City,


This hotel was built in 1982 and was connected directly to Hong Kong Kai Tak airport via a long walkway which ran via the airport parking garage (upper & lower left photos). The Five Continents Restaurant (upper right photo) on the 14th floor had spectacular views of the airport and runway; it was reportedly a popular place for off-duty airline crews to dine. Adjacent to the restaurant was the Flying Machine Bar.

After Kai Tak Airport closed in 1998, the hotel, as expected, suffered from declined patronage. No longer were the flight crews visiting and, of course, there were no airline passengers staying there before flights or visiting the restaurant/bar to enjoy the views. The connecting bridge was demolished in 2003*. The hotel itself is now called "Regal Oriental Hotel" and the Five Continents Restaurant and Flying Machine Bar were replaced - with guest rooms.

*likely in January 2006.

Jimmy K. C. Ho wrote

I also noticed that Regal Meridien Hotel, the closest hotel to Kai Tak Airport linked by a flyover, was completed in 1982. There were several eating places within the hotel, so this might have greatly affected the business of the snack bar in the Arrival Hall. The hotel was renamed to Regal Kai Tak Hotel in 1998 when the airport was relocated to Chek Lap Kok and renamed again in 2002 to Regal Oriental Hotel.

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