Commanders of HMS Tromp and HMS Hertog Hendrik (Dutch navy) - April 1920

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 03:00

In April 1920 the Dutch coastal defence ships ('Hare Majesteits pantserschepen') HMS Marten Harpertszoon Tromp and HMS Hertog Hendrik called at Nanjing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong as part of a four-month "showing-the-flag" tour. The pictire shows the commanders of the two ships.

Date picture taken
1 Apr 1920


The Dutch Navy ships  HNMS Marten Harpertszoon Tromp and HNMS Hertog Hendrik arrived in Hong Kong on 24 March 1920 under the flag of Commodore Bentz van den Berg. The photo shows the official landing of the Commodore at Blake Pier. The Dutch Navy ships left Hong Kong for Shanghai on 29 March. The port visit can be read here

The title with "HMS Tromp and HMS Hertog Hendrik" is quite misleading when translating Dutch "Hare Majesteits schepen" to English "Her Majesty Ships ". As "HMS" shall only be applicable to Royal Navy ships when writen in English. In addition, "Tromp" is not the full name of the ship but there are other Duthc navy ships named "Tromp". It is suggested to amended as "HNLMS Marten Harpertszoon Tromp and HNLMS Hertog Hendrik" to avoid confusion.