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Wed, 01/13/2021 - 07:33

I haven't been able to find any information about Mrs L.M. Murray who owned "Merville", 161 Wanchai Road, the house where Ellen Olson, stepmother of my grandmother, Hannah Warren, died. The Rate Book entry for 1915-1916 shows that several of the "European" houses in this part of Wanchai Road were owned by the Irish policeman documented in Patricia O'Sullivan's book. We can see Henry Dixon, J.J. and C.L. Lysaught and N.G. Nolan. I'm trying to find out whether Mrs A.M. Bond was connected to Miss Margaret Annie Bond, one of the first owners of the houses on Broadwood Ridge in 1918, which was developed by C.E. Warren & Co. as does P.H. Murray. They owned nos. 7 and 8. Was P.H. Murray a relative of Mrs L.M. Murray? Were the Murrays also Irish? Were the Murrays and Margaret Annie Bond connected and how was Mrs Murray connected to the Olsons/Warrens, I wonder? i haven't yet managed to find P.H. Murray or Mrs. L.M. Murray anywhere else, but my searches have been confused by many entries for Murray Barracks, Murray House etc. 

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7 Nov 2017


Thank you David. I didn't mean to put you to this trouble. I had given up on the Carl Smith cards as the images weren't opening for me a while ago. I tried them again and, like you, I've found a wealth of information about the Murrays/Bonds and their background that I haven't yet had time to post. I put Charles Bond on last night. I can't edit your entries for Lucretia and Patrick Murray, but I'll post anything else I've found out about them underneath. They are contemporaries of my family and must have crossed paths with them as they lived in the same streets in the same years.