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Mon, 11/30/2020 - 14:40

There is a fairly large wall infront of U-Lam Terrace just below Caine road. The wall, I believe, is vey old. Does anyone has an older picture, from the past, of this place ? What could have been standing there before ?

Your kind help and input is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi There,

I believe the OLD wall is hiding behind the new reinforced concrete wall.  Such old walls of that period may be built by granite blocks, maybe similar to those shown on the upper right of your photo, or of more cube like blocks,


Hi danielwettling,

Some, not all, key words you may try for the bits and pieces of U-Lam Terrace :

Tai Ping Shan (太平山區): https://gwulo.com/atom/38699

Po Hing Fong (普慶坊): https://gwulo.com/atom/24944

YMCA, Sheung Wan (上環青年會): https://www.hpcbristol.net/visual/mi01-036

Rozario Street (老沙路街): https://gwulo.com/atom/20530

Caine Lane (堅巷), Caine Road (堅道): https://gwulo.com/atom/24041

Ladder Street (樓梯街): https://gwulo.com/atom/38691

Bacteriological Institute / Pathological Institute (病理檢驗所) / Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (香港醫學博物館): https://gwulo.com/atom/28485



In 1890's, before becoming U Lam Terrace, the area was divided as I.L. 405, 420 and 421, which are different from the present I.L. numbers.

inland lot u lam terrace
inland lot u lam terrace, by TN Kwok

From Government Gazette (2nd Feb 1895):

I.L. 405: In 1885-1895, owned by "The procurator in HK for the Dominican Missions in the Far East", used as "Chinese lodging house”.

I.L. 420: In 1880-1895, owned by "Dominican Missions and The procurator in HK for the Dominican Missions in the Far East", used as "Coolie lodging houses".

I.L. 421: in 1877-1895, owned by "The procurator in HK for the Dominican Missions in the Far East", used as “coolie lodging house”.