1858 map with Macao closeup

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 15:18
Date picture taken


Thanks for sharing the maps. Any chance you could update this one with a crop showing slightly higher up the map, please?

The text on the map is just the key, then the location of the mouillage / mooring is shown by the "B" and the anchor that are chopped off at the top right of the current crop.

Hi There,

I believe my search marker at Google Maps is correct.  But after taking a second look. it would seem the traffic layer is not aligned properly with the satalite layer and is a bit off towards the east.  On the other hand the present day putonghua pinyin confused matter a bit further.

 TangJiaWanZhen (唐家灣鎮) appeared to be one of the present day township close to the physical location of Cum-Sing-Mun (Jinxiang Men).  Comparing with the old map, I guess some reclamation had been done over the decades. No idea what is the boundary of the old village back in the time of the old map.   If you look up 唐家灣 you should be able to come up with a load of photos of old houses so I guess the village exists for quite a while.