Kowloon Telephone Exchange Building

Sat, 08/15/2020 - 13:50

This building constructed c. 1930 pre-dates  the Hongkong Telephone Company's   "Telephone House" which was completed in December 1948. on the corner of  Nathan and Cameron Roads.

I am not sure where this first telephone exchange building was located  Can anybody suggest where the first Kowloon telephone exchange stood? (See update in Comments below)

Date picture taken


I think David has correctly identified the location of this former Kowloon Telephone Exchange as being on Kowloon Inland Lot ‘ KIL 754’ at the N.W. corner of the junction of Nathan and  Waterloo Roads  (the entire block ,including an open compound,  reaching as far as the Pitt Street junction). The reference in the PWD Annual Report to a Kowloon telephone exchange completion date in 1929 appropriately matches the publication date of the article from which the photograph of the “new exchange” was derived. Furthermore ‘philk’ has suggested that this photograph of the junction from the 1960s appears to show the exchange building still in situe, although looking rather drab and with its decorative cornice removed from the roof.


Intersection of Waterloo Road and Nathan Road, 1962
Intersection of Waterloo Road and Nathan Road, 1962, by dire398