3 Beishan Village, Kaiping, Guangdong - Entrance (1991)

Wed, 08/05/2020 - 20:19
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Hi Peter, 

I am new to Gwulo and I have just come across your photos. Just to say thank you so much for sharing these images as my father's (Yu Tin Wah) ancestral village is Beishan Village too. I  wonder if our  parents and grandparents might have known each other in Beishan and after leaving China,  I believe my family also lived  in Sham Shui Po. I would like to visit Beishan  once travel is safe again. It's great to see that the village still exists as I have Google Earthed the location and couldn't quite make out if the village was still there. Google maps also don't have any mention of a Beishan "Cun". ....only Beishan as the mountain area.

Thank you again for posting these images. 

Best wishes,


Hi Susan,  great meeting you here.  Yes, you have reached the correct village on Google maps.

廣州省 Guangdong Province;  台山 Taishan County (part of Kaiping);  荻 海 Huohai

北山村 Beishan Village (same as “Beishan Mountain” on current Google maps), on the south side of Tanjiang River in Kaiping, about one kilometre south of the present Sanbu Residential District.

On current Google maps, our village 北山村 is "Beishan Mountain" shown on the east side of the X552-S274 junction. “Shan” is mountain so I would say the word “Mountain” is redundant, and the current map took out “Village 村 ”. This whole area south of the river was, and still is “荻 海 Huohai” but no longer printed on Google maps, pronounced “Egg-Hoi” in Taishan dialect – I am sure your elders used this term when they talked about their past.  The village is small, there are still farms, and my grandfather made several return trips, so they must have known each other.  Where were you living in Sham Shui Po?  Regards,  Peter


Hi Peter,

Discovered my family lived on 35 Cheong Wah Street in Sham Shui Po roughly from 1950 to 1956. 

Also have just learned my father sent money back to 北山村 Beishan Village for more than 20 years so that his childhood home, which was burned down in the 1940s,  could be rebuilt. The house was rebuilt in 1983 and I now have found photos  of the "new" house taken back in 1983. I wonder if it's still there.  


Hi Susan,  your former home was on the northwest corner of Cheong Wah Street - Castle Peak Road  intersection.  It was already a busy place then with several bus routes .  My home was about 20 blocks to the southeast.  I would be interested in seeing photos of your house and the neighbourhood. 


Regards,  Peter