KCR Hall-Scott Motor Coach No.1

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 13:40

In May 1921 KCR ordered two sets of motor railcars with trailers from the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company of San Francisco. The intention was to use them on local services in New Territories where passenger demand did not justify long passenger trains with heavy locomotives. 

The coaches were powered by 150 H.P six-cylinder internal combustion engines burning kerosene Each coach could accommodate between 60 and 80 passengers depending on whether configured for a combination 1st and 2nd Class or  3rd class passenger seats.

By 1936 the motor coaches were performing badly and not meeting operational requirements so KCR converted the first of the coaches with a trailer into “Luxury” cars with an observation parlour and lounge. Named the “Taipo Belle” it was often used at weekends for shuttling golfers to Fan Ling. On 14 October 1936, the coach made history with a record-breaking non-stop run from Kowloon to Canton in 2hours 15 minutes.

Railcar No.2 received a slightly different upgrade in 1937 being converted into the streamlined “Canton Belle”  

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