BP2 Shing Mun reservoir

Wed, 03/18/2020 - 21:40

This stone was found in shing mun area which near the PB402 The number marked in the stone is BP2

Date picture taken


Hi Simon,

On the close-up it looks like BP instead of PB?

Thanks for sharing the photos. I haven't seen this type of marker before, so I wonder what they were used for?

Regards, David

Hi David, 

Thanks for your remind, you are right, the word showed in the stone is BP2 instead of PB2.

Actually, I also do not know the BP stand for?  
I found five BP stone in Hong Kong at this moment:

BP2 @ Shing Mun
BP11 @ Kowloon Byewash Reservoir 
BP12 @ Lok Ma Chau
BP19 @ Razor Hill
BP21(R) @Tai Po

I have also put the same question for the BP33 marker post I came across at a hill near Chun Shek Estate last week. We were looking for PB300 at without success. Yet we found that near the peak before coming up to the boulder cluster of which the name of the housing estate comes from.

Dear H Lo

Happy to know you found the BP33 marker post. May I know the more specific location of the post? Do you have any photos of the post?