1953 Peking Road

Sat, 12/07/2019 - 05:23
Date picture taken


If Ho Tung Mansions are the building on the very left side, the left road should be Ashley Road and the next building along Peking Road should be Old Chinese Houses on Peking Road [c.1900-c.1972]. The photographer probably stood at the junction of Peking and Hankow Road. Signs of Lee Kee can be seen on this junction e.g. here.


Yes, the photographer was near the junction of Hankow and Peking Roads looking west. Interesting to see the sign of Lee Kee in later years.

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1950s Peking Road
1950s Peking Road, by Moddsey

Above the Lee Kee sign is one reading Henry's Cafe. There was a post by cookie regarding this cafe, but he said it was located in the Chungking Arcade (which isn't far away). Is this another one or was his memory wrong?

6 Ashley Road is the address given in the 1907 Ladies Directory for Mrs C.A. Warnes, half-sister of my grandmother, Hannah Warren. Is this the same address, or has the numbering moved? At the moment Gwulo is giving 6 Ashley Road, Kowloon as "Condition Unknown" - so is it now Henry's Cafe, or have I misunderstood? See https://gwulo.com/node/32273#13/22.2913/114.1555/Map_by_ESRI-Markers/100