1845 Heath's panorama of Hong Kong

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 20:03

Stephen Davies has been researching this panorama, and last night he gave RAS members an interesting talk about what he's discovered. The panorama was drawn by Lt Leopold George Heath, the gunnery lieutenant of HMS Irisis and it is usually dated to 1846. But Stephen hasn't found any record of Iris in Hong Kong that year, whereas it was here in 1845, so that's the more likely date it was drawn.

He also noted there's a copy of the engraving that the Admiralty produced available for download from the US LIbrary of Congress website, so that's what I've added here. The Library of Congress has made a very high resolution scan, so you'll want to use the zoom to see their details.

The Library's details:

Heath, Leopold George, Sir, and Great Britain. Hydrographic Department. Hong Kong &c. as seen from the anchorage. London, Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty; sold by R. B. Bate, 1847. Map. https://www.loc.gov/item/73692130/.

Date picture taken


These are the text labels noted on the engraving, all listed left-to-right.

Top section, above engraving:

  • Mt Parker 1733 feet


Top section, below engraving:

  • Kowloon Peninsula
  • Kowloon Point East
  • Lymoon Pass
  • Quarry Point
  • HMS Minden Hospital Ship
  • Matheson's Opium Store
  • Morrisonian Institute
  • Medical Mission Hospital
  • Dr Anderson


Middle section, above engraving:

  • Officers Quarters
  • Mount Gough 1568 feet
  • Dent & Co.
  • Albany Gov.t Civil Officers
  • Major Caine
  • Victoria Peak 1774 feet
  • Chinese Shops
  • Police Station (Stephen noted he wasn't convinced this was correct)
  • Jamieson & Co.
  • Lantao


Middle section, below engraving:

  • Dr Anderson
  • Turner & Co.
  • Vixen
  • Military Hospital
  • Barrack
  • Barracks
  • Governor's House South
  • R.C. Church
  • New Market
  • U.S. Stores
  • West Bay
  • Navy Bay


Bottom section, above engraving:

  • Lantao


Bottom section, below engraving:

  • Green Island West
  • Lantao Peak generally capped with clouds
  • Capsingmoon Pass
  • Stonecutters Island
  • North