Little Sai Wan 1952.

Wed, 05/29/2019 - 03:15

Some of the accommodation and ancillary buildings were still being built.  The large white building was the technical block that had been built in1950. Until the personnel moved in in either very late 1952, they had been brought in by gharry (3 ton Bedford trucks) initially from Camp Collinson and later from Lyemun.  I have included this image not to show the buildings but to illustrate how many fishing junks and large sampans we could see in those days.  This would have been the Shaukiwan fleet making slow progress home on a windless day.  By 1957, when I was there, many of them had diesel engines installed.  There was a rumour that old engines from redundant wartime tanks were used, but sails were still the more usual form of power - diesel being much more expensive. (Andrew S0

Date picture taken
1 Nov 1952