St. Joseph's College Primary

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 21:24

The building on the right of this photo was initially misidentified*.   Please see comments below.  Photo Source:  Unknown.

* In early 1959, I applied to attend Raimondi College.  They sent me to this fairly new school building (level 6, second room from the stairs) to write their Form 1 entry test - hence my misidentifying it.  There were no classes in session that day likely the reason for the location.  The shorter building on the left was also there. 

Date picture taken


Tngan has identified this as St Joseph's Primary School in Wanchai. The modern view shows the tall building seen above, along with a newer block that has been added on the left:

Hi There,

Looks like they have painted over the bare concrete after the new wing was built in a bright shade of grey to match the new building.  That also made me wonder if the architect involved in the original building saw things only in grey scale, despite the granite blocks.........