HK The Roxy.

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 20:58

The film appears to be something like 'A Certain Smile'?

Your comment below and the one about the Hoover cinema is interesting.  I shall insert the same date for both films, simply to illustrate that, whether Frank actually went to both cinemas on the day that he took the photographs or not, sometimes when it was hot and humid we did go to two cinemas one after the other simply to enjoy the air conditioning inside.  (Andrew)

Date picture taken
6 Sep 1958


The film "A Certain Smile" was screened at the Roxy between 29 August and 11 September 1958. Whilst looking at this photo of the Hoover across the road and noting the film that was being shown, it is more than likely that the above photo of the Roxy was taken during 4-10 September 1958