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Notice sent to Jardine Matheson Employees on the Peak following flooding that cut Peak Road

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14 Jun 1966


Thanks John, that's a glimpse into a different era! I'll include the text below.



1. Reporting for Work:

Now that the emergency is over, all members of the Staff should report for work daily. If walking up and down is impracticable for any reason, application should he made to the Staff Manager for bachelor accommodation at mid-level or in a hotel.

2. Routes:

The recommended route down the Peak is via Harlech Road and Hatton Road. A shuttle service of Firm’s cars will be available from 8 a.m. at the bottom of Hatton Road. Walking down the Peak Tram track is safe. The Old Peak Road is open for pedestrian traffic, but it is necessary to cross a dangerous land slide. For those unable to walk down and who require evacuation, you should report to the police officer on duty at the top of Pokfulam Road, for a seat on a landrover going down. In case of emergency, apply to the Citizens Advice Bureau or to the Peak Police Station (see below).

3. Citizen’s Advice Bureau:

A Peak Citizen’s Advice Bureau (telephone 96217) is open at the Peak School, with radio communication with the Colonial Secretariat. Mr. G. C. Hamilton, Deputy Colonial Secretary, 2 Peak Pavilions (telephone 96837) is in charge of the Peak Area.

4. Electricity Failure:

Report to C. A. Britton, 6 Peel Rise, telephone 96139.

5. Medical:

Service Doctor at Flat 33, 8 Mount Austin Road, telephone 96678, otherwise report to British Military Hospital, Mount Kellett Road (96201) or to Matilda Hospital (96301). A scheme for cholera injections at the B.M.H. will be announced shortly.

6. Police:

Report in person to the Peak Police Station (telephone 96796, temporarily out of order) or through the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

7. Mails

Hand in to Citizen’s Advice Bureau. 

8. Food:

Dairy Farm, Y. K. Lau Store or Peak Stall has all necessary supplies. Only buy what you need; do not hoard. Asia Company takes orders at 11 a.m. every morning at the Peak Tram Station.

9. Transport;

Use cars as little as possible; organise a duty vehicle in your block. Petrol is not yet available.

10. Rubbish;

Bury or burn, under supervision. Do not allow your servants to throw it down the hill; if you do not watch out, they will do this. This is most important.

11. Church Service (Non-denominational)

11 a.m. Sunday at Peak School.


Staff Manager.
HONG KONG: 15th June, 1966