Miniature chest of drawers

Mon, 04/02/2018 - 14:26

This small chest of drawers was made out of camphor wood as a sample and is only 32cm high. The chest of drawers is on my dressing table and used to store my cufflinks.

It has its original maker’s label in it showing that it was made by Hop Tuck of 22 Queen’s Road East:

"Hop Tuck" label

I bought the chest of drawers from a dealer in London, who said the chest was made around 1850. When did Queen’s Road East acquire street numbers? 

Date picture taken


I'm not sure when QRE first acquired street numbers. Another question along the same lines is when Queen's Road was split into the East, West, and Central sections.

I've tried searching for Hop Tuck in HKGRO and the local newspapers, but no matches.

Here's another trunk with a similar label, dated to c.1900:

Item 662 at is another trunk with the same label, but not dated.