Hong Kong 1975

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 05:59

No location given, probably Johnston Road. The Playboy sign might give a clue.

Note the trailer.

Update: It's Yee Wo Street looking west.

Date picture taken


I think the photo is of Yee Wo Street looking west towards Hennessy Road The tall building on the right with the first and second floors adorned in red housed the Ruby Restaurant, a popular eatery for dim sum.

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Confirm it is Yee Wo Street.  Hong Kong Mansion (the one with the Ruby Restaurant) still exist today.  Despite growing up in the area I could not recall the playboy sign and the other Turkish bath sign. 

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The photo showed two banks, and a bunch of other signs:

1.  Hang Sang Bank Causeway Bay Branch (the big red neon sign).  You could also see its marble front face with its bage.  The building had been redeveloped in the 1990s, I think.  

2.  The Hong Kong Chinese Bank Ltd, the white store front.  The bank still exist today and the site had also been redeveloped in the recent past.  But I could not remember exactly when.  Likely before 2000;

3.  The Playboy sign is a rip off called Little White Rabbit (小白兔).  There was a smaller red sign on the left hand side in Chinese.  Likely some business not suitable for kids;

4.   The visible Turkish Bath sign was in Chinese only.  It was partially blocked by the Hang Seng Bank sign.

5.  芝柏公司  This is the sign that blocked the Little White Rabbit sign.  If I remember it correctly it is the precurser of present day GP Wedding.

6.  麗都鞋  A community shoe store;

7.  At that time, there should be another Chinese Restaurant further west, at the corner of Yee Wo Street and Jardine's Bazzar, but no sinage could be seen;

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on Flickr there is another photo that was taken some 100 meters east west of this one. Probably more shops can be identified.

Hong Kong 1975 - Yee Wo Street, by tunbridge1

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