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Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay [1902- ]

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The tag shows the approximate location possible for the Booths to turn right into Kai Chiu Road in their Ford.  I'm pretty sure the layout of the building close to the Jardine's Bazzar/Yee Wo street was different then as that triangular building is blocking the way nowadays and does not allow traffic from turning right/South on Yee Wo Street anywhere.


Photos that show this place


Phil, we've received this photo of the junction as it looked in Booth's time. As you guessed, the pavement that blocks the way today wasn't there:

1950s Corner of Yee Wo St & Jardine's Bazaar

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I believe the Tram started to run at around 1904, I believe it would be safe to back date Yee Woo Street just a few year back, say, 1900?

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Hey T, good guess: according to A Century of Hong Kong Island Roads and Streets by Cheng Po Hung, the street was built in 1902, along with Jardine Crescent, Pennington Street and the others around that area